ALS is still a fatal disease with patients having an average life expectancy of 3 to 5 years after the first symptoms. The exact cause of the disease is not yet known, and there are no drugs that can stop or cure the disease. That is why (financial) input from outside is very important!


The need for more intensive scientific research into the cause of ALS must be a priority. But this life-saving research requires money, a lot of money. That is why we collect money for this research with Tour du ALS.

For example, almost 7 million euros has already been raised by Tour du ALS in recent years. 100% of the donation money goes to research on ALS and to the care and quality of life of current patients.


TRICALS is the largest European research initiative committed to a world without ALS.The initiative collaborates with ALS experts, patient associations and ALS foundations from no less than fourteen different countries.
The video below explains exactly how they do so:


More information about TRICALS can be found here.


ALS on the road

One of the projects which Tour du ALS has contributed to is Stichting ALS op de weg. (Stichting ALS on the road) This foundation aims to improve the quality of life of ALS patients. That is why they help patients with aids such as adapted bicycles, chairs or theratrainers.
The ALS on the road foundation was founded by Bianca Weller, who lost her husband to ALS.

Donation money from foreign participants

The following applies to foreign participants: the funds acquired are transferred to the local ALS foundation in the country concerned. This local foundation spends 50% on TRICALS and 50% on other projects as it sees fit.