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The first edition of Tour du ALS was held on 1 June 2012. In the meantime, the 10th edition is already planned on June 9th 2022. In the past editions, more than 3,500 participants have already participated and together they have gathered nearly 9 million in the battle. against ALS. View the stories of the previous editions of Tour du ALS here.

Tour du ALS 2021

The 9th edition of Tour du ALS ended with a fantastic result. Some 500 participants from the Netherlands and Belgium raised €1,253,942 for the fight against ALS. The title of this edition was in all respects an Incredible 9. The edition had a turbulent start, and we had to move the event twice. This only served to motivate the participants even more to reach the top of Mont Ventoux on Saturday, September 11, and to find even more people willing to support the fight against ALS.

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Tour du ALS 2020

Tour du ALS could not take place in 2020 due to the corona pandemic. The organization decided to move the sporting event to 2021. The 9th edition of Tour du ALS will take place on Saturday September 11th. Even though we couldn't travel to the south of France, we didn't just let Tour du ALS 2020 pass us by.

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Tour du ALS 2019

'The Legendary Eight' took place on 29 May 2019. Almost 600 participants (including 10 patients) participated. Together they raised over € 1.250.000 million! A record. The edition was also legendary because a storm already went ahead to hit the top of the Mont Ventoux at 127 km / h since that Tuesday evening. But mother nature looked over our Tour and wished us the best because halfway through the climb the storm stopped and we were able to still reach the top!

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Tour du ALS 2018

The 7th edition of the Tour du ALS was a special edition. This is because of the enormous storm that day. Due to thunderstorms and huge rain showers, the organization was unfortunately forced to adjust the routes. Over 450 participants have conquered this route despite the bad weather. Fortunately, the sun showed her face again in the afternoon, which ended the day with a spectacular end party. This edition has raised a fantastic amount of € 865.000.





Tour du ALS 2017



On June 8, 2017, more than 350 participants conquered the Mont Ventoux in the fight against ALS. Last Saturday the final final amount was announced in Archeon. The counter of the sixth edition of Tour du ALS ended up at € 660.000. "I am proud that once again we will hand over an insane amount to the ALS Netherlands Foundation," says Gert-Jan Pijl, chairman of Tour du ALS.








Tour du ALS 2016

For the 5th edition of the Tour du ALS, more than 420 participants, including 7 ALS patients, competed to conquer the Mont Ventoux. After a heavy climb, all participants finally reached the misty top of the mountain. During this edition, there was even a handbiker for the first time who went into battle with the mountain. No less than € 774.000 was raised during this edition in the fight against the merciless ALS disease.



 Tour du ALS 2015

Tour du ALS "Battle on" 2015 has once again become a wonderful event! With almost 450 participants, divided among cyclists, runners and walkers, a provisional amount of no less than € 750.000 has been generated! Thanks to all participants, volunteers, partners and supporters for a great event! See you next year!



Tour du ALS 2014

Edition 3 of Tour du ALS, held on May 30, 2014, has become one big success! With over 625 participants, the Mont Ventoux was climbed from 3 flanks on 30 May 2014. All participants (cyclists, runners and hikers) have collected a sum of at least € 1.150.000 so far. A wonderful result of a wonderful day!


Tour du ALS 2013

Edition 2 of Tour du ALS, held on June 7, 2013, has become such a big success! With a more than eight-fold increase in the number of participants (from 70 to 600) compared to edition 1, the Mont Ventoux was climbed on 7 June. All these riders raised no less than € 1.200.000, more than ten times the amount from last year. An unprecedented achievement!




Tour du ALS 2012

Edition 1 of Tour du ALS, held on June 1, 2012, has become nothing but a big success! With the ascent of the Mont Ventoux by no less than 70 cyclists, we have obtained € 109.860 for the ALS Netherlands Foundation in a short period of time. And this definitely did not go unnoticed in the media either.


Origin of Tour du ALS

What was initially intended as a cycling tour in France for a private group, has resulted in an annual sporting fundraising event. Under the slogan "Together we kick ALS out of the world", hundreds of cyclists, runners and walkers climb Mont Ventoux every year to raise money for research into the cause of ALS.

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