Sponsoring companies

How nice is it if you and your company can commit to a sporting charity? How nice it is if you then also participate with your own company team. Not only in the context of corporate social responsibility, but also to push your own boundaries as a team, to experience what ALS and participating in Tour du ALS does to someone.

What are the sponsorship opportunities?

We have many different opportunities for you as a sponsor. Here are some examples of what you can think of:

  • Showing your logo and/or story on our well visited website (over 30,000 visitors per month)
  • Your logo will be displayed on the clothing of all participants (in which most participants train). This outfit can also be ordered in the years after Tour du ALS in our webshop;

  • Sharing your story as a sponsor on our social media accounts & website;

  • Supporting the event itself, with your logo clearly displayed in the online reporting of the event.


Do you have questions or are interested in sponsoring? Please contact Marian van Eldik, the Relationship Manager for Companies and Equity Funds, by sending an e-mail to m.vaneldik@als.nl or calling +31 6-11459511. She will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.